Welcome to the Black Knight !

Black Knight was founded in Canada by racquet sports enthusiasts committed to developing the sports they love. 
Black Knight is a major brand in North America and in many countries around the world.


 Winning Formula!

Founded in 1976, Black Knight has a long history of creating top tier, innovative equipment for players and coaches around the world. 

We are honoured to continue to be the choice of so many champions, and proud of helping players at all levels enjoy their sport





Squash ... it's more than a game !!!

Squash Black Knight has been at the heart of squash since 1976, creating squash equipment for players of all levels.  
It may be called a game, and it certainly is fun, but winning at squash is also very, very serious to us!

See the complete line of Squash Racquets here >>>>>


Badminton Black Knight has been revolutionizing badminton equipment for 4 decades, from innovative racquets like Max-Force series.

And gamechanging training equipment like the Knight Trainer, Shadow Trainer and Quiver.

Training Equipment for professionals and those with the Passion for Perfection
Black Knight has has been dedicated to developing cutting edge  training equipment for everybody from the avid player to coaches and professional athletes.



The Conqueror Project - The Racquet With a Cause

The “Conqueror Project” raises funds through various events and promotions, and donates money directly without any administrative fees.

The initial launch features a special promotion with Black Knight Canada through the sale of Conqueror badminton and squash racquets produced by Black Knight.

Black Knight will donate $10.00 to breast cancer research for each Conqueror racquet that is sold.

There are many places across Canada where they will be available for sale or they can be purchased directly through this website.