The Shadow Trainer is an amazingly effective way to improve footwork, speed, reflexes and fitness for badminton at all levels.

It installs in seconds and is stored just as quickly. Simply drop the feet of the Shadow Trainer, place the 2 hooks over the net, and press the power button to start.

It is especially effective for singles but can be used by novice doubles teams for training specific to doubles. The Shadow Trainer uses random lights on a court outline to direct players to move on the real court to the corresponding points, swinging as if hitting a shuttlecock, and then returning to their base position for the next light signal.

They should use correct foot, body and racquet movements as if hitting a real shot. Players will move 5 to 30 times within each point, depending on the setting chosen. Between points, all of the lights will flash for about 13 seconds of rest. Players can continue through many points, or pause during every second point, or the 13 second pause can be used to rotate fresh players, of the same level, onto the court.

Two Shadow Trainers can be set up on each court, one facing each side of the court.

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