ION X-FORCE CORNETT - SAM'S Racquet of Choice!!

Posted by Nicholas 12/12/2014 0 Comment(s)

Black Knight has developed this racquet for Sam Cornett, Canada's #1 female player for 2013/2014.
When asked to describe her racquet, Sam said:
"The Ion X-Force is a top notch racquet and I'm proud that it has my name on it. I love Black Knight and their products, but this racquet really felt good when I picked it up. Then I hit a couple balls and it felt even better.
It's not too head heavy, and a nice stiff frame. I also love the Ashaway string it comes with, the Ultranick 17.
Hopefully it helps you hit some nicks! "
Happy squash"
Samantha Cornett
Check out the racquet here :


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